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Rock Gardener's Club Prague

Rock Gardener's Club Prague

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Zahrada na Karlově Náměstí

The Prague Rock Garden Club (KSP- Klub skalnickaru Praha) originated in 1970 as a branch of the Czech Gardening Association. It is an organization of admirers of mountain flowers and of growers of rock garden plants, terrestrial and aquatic as well as dwarf trees and bushes. After the Pilsen Club, KSP is the second oldest organization of this type in the Czech Republic. At present, it is most numerous with some 600-700 members, about one tenth of whom are from abroad.

KSP is a civic association included in the Czech register of nongovernmental, nonprofit organizations.

The best known activities of the Club are plant exhibits presented three times a year next to Karlovo namesti in Prague. Other activities open to the public are lectures about rock gardening, usually at Novotneho lavka 5 in the Prague Old District.

A significant activity is the Club’s magazine Skalnicky which is distributed to members and others world wide. Similarly, the yearly seed exchange is a world wide activity. For members, a specialized library is available. Every year, the Club organizes trips within and outside the Czech Republic and a several days long meeting of Czech and Slovak rock gardening clubs with a program of lectures and discussions.

Latest News

Exhibits in 2012

Spring Exhibit 25th March 2012 (Sun) - 4th April 2012 (Wed)

May Exhibit 2nd May 2012 (Wed) – 19th May 2012 (Sat)

Autumn Exhibit 3rd September 2012 (Mon) – 15th September 2012 (Sat)

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Lectures - Spring 2012

Lectures take place at House of the Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societes,
Novotného Lávka 5, 116 68 Prague 1
Time always 17:00 - 19:00, room number 417 (floor 4).

Lectures in czech
18th January Ota Vlasák – Little Corpses on the Rocks and the Life on Mt Cenis
18th February (as a part of the member meeting programme) Milan Halada – China-Sechuan
21st March Josef Hlavatý – Bulbed Plants of Late Spring

Special event (lecture in russian)
4th April Natalia Nikolajevna Neprjakina – Kamchatka, Nalycevo National Park - Herbaceous Plants, Plants Growing on Volcanos and Ridges

Aktualita vložena: 06.01.2012

Last Exhibitons

Autumn exhibit - takes place in the rock garden of the Club, next to St. John’s church and the Faust House, just off Charles Square. 6th to 18th September.

Poster - May Exhibit 2010

Spring exhibit - take place in the rock garden of the Club, next to St. John’s church and the Faust House, just off Charles Square. Huge sales of modestly priced plants, experts on hand to give advice. 28th March to 4th April 2010, open 9 am to 6 pm.

Poster - Spring exhibit 2010


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